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I am 68 years of age and have been practising Nia for just over a year with Nola. I love Nia and find it energising and a lot of fun. Nia allows you to look at your body and its movements in a completely new way. It teases out all those aches, pains and tensions of everyday life while dancing to beautiful music. Our wonderful instructor teaches the steps at a pace which suits us all and explains what each movement is doing for different parts of the body!

As a person who is often uncoordinated and clumsy, I find Nia a great way to make my body work better. I always feel energised after an hours workout, which has to be a good thing. Nola is totally committed to teaching Nia and puts her heart and soul into her classes!nia-class

You are an inspiration. You show the possibilities and potential of Nia in many wonderful ways.

Well done on giving a talk and gaining more and more in confidence.  You deserve that praise as you have worked so hard!

Nola thank you so much for this morning I absolutely loved it !!
Both your teaching style with no pressure at all to be ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ or do it ‘properly’ !…and the whole Nia affair !! brilliant – THANK YOU.
– thanks again for a brilliant start to the week

It has been lovely over the last few months and you have gone from strength to strength and we all appreciate your hard work.



Mum: your teaching was amazing, we were both very impressed!  You have such a natural energy and that really shows.  Well done you, very proud!!

Hi Nola, it was a real joy yesterday, I absolutely loved it, and it is exactly what I have been looking for.  I do a lot of fitness things, but that was just wonderful, and very me.

Thanks for organising it Nola, you are such a positive person,and it was a pleasure to be in you company and the other ladies. Cannot wait for the next one.