Sound Healing


I have been using tuning forks for a couple of years and after completing several courses and case studies, I am thrilled to have received my Tuning Fork Sound therapy certificate  from Suzi Garrod   and am now a qualified practitioner.


As our bodies are over 70% water when using the tuning forks every cell and tissue could be described as dancing again and alleviating any energy blockages.  The Om sound is heard by the baby in the womb and also at end of life.  It is everything.  It is the vibration and consciousness of the entire universe.

Sound has a profound effect on living systems and the vagus nerve which connects to the brain also connects to nearly every organ in the body.  By using forks of different frequencies these can help the energy in the body to flow better and enable peace of mind, clarity and focus, less anxiety and feeling of calm.  They may also help clear toxins and relative health issues.

My therapy rooms in my  garden room and dance studio are now ready for clients.   I am poised for the next stage of dancing through life sharing this amazing therapy combining all the other therapies I have learnt over the last 15 years, including Emotional freedom technique, Reflexology and Energy Healing.

In a session of sound healing there is the option of lying down or in a reclining chair, whatever feels most comfortable.  There may be sound healing music on in the background or just the sound of nature outside my room overlooking North Sands Valley.  Sessions normally last 1 hour and sometimes longer depending on the areas most needed to be balanced.  If you would like a taster or a full session please telephone me for an appointment.  I do not charge a specific amount but ask for a donation towards all my training and setting up.

More informationMy sound healing handout

I have a beautiful collection of tuning forks with different frequencies which can help with the balance along with singing bowls and  chimes. I also have a collection of oracle cards which I may bring in too.


Please click on the link to read some testimonials from my case studies.

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“Energy cannot be created or destroyed only changed from one form to another”

Albert Einstein

“Sound is the medicine of our future”  – Edgar Cayce