Seated Adapted Moves

After taking my two seated and adapted movement trainings with Fiona Winter I started classes in a local warden controlled care home in Salcombe, Devon.  This proved to be a valuable community event for people of a large range of physical abilities, recovering from surgery or medical challenges.  The rhythm, melody and beat of the music stimulated more range of movement and I also provided scarves, sticks with coloured ribbons on the end and balls of every description.  This brings out the joy of childhood play and reconnects to our inner selves which does not age.

Using visualization, fun can also be had pretending to play the organ, drums and all instruments,  catching flies, flicking fingers, animal moves, using power tools, swimming actions, spelling with the joints and many more.  This also helps balance both sides of the brain along with cross crawling where the opposite arm and leg are moved.


Classes are held in my  dance studio on the ground floor in a homely safe environment.

Seated moves leaflet 2019

My trainer has a brilliant DVD for sale

Link to a training moving to heal video below