My Nia Journey


I have now changed my journey due to changing circumstances and offer moving to heal gentle exercise classes which are more suited to my students of a certain age.  Below is my journey to now.

I first heard of nia from a guest who stayed at our organic bed and breakfast and found a nia workshop at a Mind Body Spirit festival in Devon seven years ago. From the moment the music started I knew that this technique was for me.  It made me aware of myself, both emotionally, mentally and physically.

Nia is a great workout which is a dynamic blend of dance arts, martial arts and healing arts.  Nia brings body, mind, emotions and spirit to optimum health through music, movement and self–expression and a driving force in the healing and conditioning I receive.  Just listening to my body, relaxing and moving in my own way gives me so much inner joy. You cannot do anything wrong moving your own  unique body’s way.

Since then I  held weekly sessions in my lounge with friends dancing to the  DVD’s.   I hosted six workshops in  Salcombe with different teachers and been part of a Nia dance demonstration at Newquay  festival.  I moved on to another stage in 2011 and took my white belt training to enable me to be a licensed teacher and learn new routines.  My intention now is to spread Nia amongst the community  and share the joy of dancing in a group, connecting energy in a unique way.


I did my  green belt training in October 2012 which concentrates on the teaching aspect and  took my blue belt in October 2014 and brown belt in December 2015.


In September 2016 I received my black belt in Portland, Oregon the HQ of Nia trained by the founder Debbie Rosas and Ann Christiansen.


Before  taking my black belt at nia headquarters in Portland,  USA I decided to convert a bedroom into my own personal dance studio.  I loved the idea of having my personal space to learn routines and hold moving to heal classes in a homely atmosphere.


I am a natural health therapist and practise many complimentary therapies including energy balancing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Kinesiology, Sound Healing, the Melt Method and foot reading.  I also use energy healing and animal communication on  animals.  I do home checks for Animals in Distress,  have taken on elderly rescue dogs with health problems in the past and now have a younger rescue dog.

I used to be a member of the Salcombe Estuary Rowing Club but I now devote most of my energy to Moving to heal.   My motivation for keeping fit has never been so good and I cannot imagine life now without joyful movement, especially with like-minded people.


My journey of creativity has also been helped by joining the Salcombe Community Gospel choir, being secretary/web master and being able to feel more confident with groups.  The words that are sung  make me feel so connected with spirituality and more at one with the community.