Moving to Heal

I am

I feel there is a great need from my  community and beyond to support individuals battling injuries and  illness to obtain a sense of wellness in their lives through gentle movement.  The vibrancy of a routine can still be experienced with smaller ranges of motion and at a slower level.  From my energy healing perspective guiding individuals down their own path of self-healing, feeling connected to the soulful music and being more aware of their unique body could make a difference.

Moving to Heal  programme teaches people to listen to the voice of the body – sensation.  Sensation is a tool for self-healing which leads to health, wellness and fitness.

You will be guided through a mindful movement experience beginning with a focus and intent, warm up, aerobic movement and consciously stepping out.  Each session culminates in cooling down and a “Dancing Through Life” tip – to bring the self-healing focus into the individuals’ daily lives.

Moving to Heal  experience is defined simply by “I feel better”  Students learn how to personalize movement to adapt to their health needs.

We believe every person can discover, explore, unleash, and enhance their individual potential to live a healthy and meaningful life by engaging their senses and listening to their bodies.

Benefits of Move to Heal

Cardiovascular conditioning  • Stress reduction

• Improved muscle tone             • Greater flexibility/agility

• Improved self-esteem             • Body/Mind/Spirit integrate

• Increased vitality                       • Emotional release

• Postural alignment                    • Weight management

• More energy                              • Better circulation

• Stronger immune system         • More stamina/endurance