Gentle Nia


A Gentle nia class is a lower intensity  class that offers more time moving at level one of the three levels of intensity.


Gentle Nia is for everyone who loves to move at a more gentle pace and is more suited for the older, less fit or recovering  student.

An uplifting beginners workout inspired by martial arts, dance, and yoga, gentle nia focuses on improving stability and mobility. It is safe even for those healing from injuries. With an emphasis on shifting weight—forward and backward, side to side, up and down—this easy workout is ideal for men and women looking to start a holistic workout routine. Nia is a body-centered approach to health and fitness that positively shapes the way to feel, look, think, and live.

Gentle Nia is a unique form of very gentle non-impact exercise with easy to follow moves for the whole body.  Every experience can be adapted to individual needs and abilities.


After attending Nola’s usual Nia classes for a couple of years, I developed a pain in my foot, exacerbated by exercise.  With regret, I had to stop the classes, as they were too vigorous for me at that stage.

Nola has since introduced a Gentle Nia class and I am pleased to say that my foot felt absolutely fine after the first class and I was even able to with a walk on the beach straight after!